Pre-emergent: Weed Control Spray

With monsoon season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to explore our pre-emergent program. Pre-emergent is designed to target weeds as they germinate. It is critical to eliminate weeds at the earliest stage of growth, before you even see them. We have a licensed horticulturist on staff, who is also a licensed applicator. He is available for consultations regarding pre-emergent applications, and can ensure the prevention of weeds without the possibility of damaging existing lawn and plants.

Keep your Landscape beds looking their best this summer and fall. Looking for help with weed prevention? Give our professional staff a call for a free estimate. ZebraScapes experts are trained and licensed to apply multiple options for weed control to keep your landscape looking great  year round. Give us a call and ask for an appointment with Gary Russell at 928-830-4061.