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Rock Slinger Services: Material Placement, Rocks Delivery System

The latest addition to ZebraScapes Landscaping & Services is a CAS Rock Slinger truck. It is the most efficient way to place rocks, gravel, sand, soil, and mulch material to job sites while decreasing labor cost. Our rock slinger can place material, thick or thin, over walls and hard to access locations accurately, up to 75 feet from the back of a truck.

ZebraScapes will deliver rocks, gravel, sand, and soil to your landscaping sites or construction projects. Imagine if you could do your job without wheelbarrows, shoveling, and backbreaking labor, while substantially reducing costs and time.

Whether you are a project manager at a commercial project or a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, ZebraScapes Rock Slinger can deliver precise and high-speed placement of bulk material to your location. We are currently operating our Rock Slinger in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley. Save money, labor, and time… Give us a call.

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