Weeds are frustrating regardless of the season. What is the most effective way to prevent weeds? Treat your property with PRE-EMERGENT at least twice per year – once in early spring, and again during summer or fall. PRE-EMERGENT herbicides are chemicals designed to control germinating weed seeds. As the name suggests, the target are weeds that have not yet emerged from the soil. Weeds should NOT be visible above ground at the time of application. PRE-EMERGENT is not designed to control existing weeds, these chemicals kill weeds as they begin to sprout. It is possible for seeds to remain dormant and not be harmed during the application, this is why weed control is a constant process and ongoing applications of PRE-EMERGENT is VERY IMPORTANT. Watering in activates the herbicide, because of this, early spring is the one of the best times to apply PRE-EMERGENT. 

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Looking for Prescott Landscape solutions? Look no further than ZebraScapes Landscaping & Services of Prescott, Arizona. Serving Yavapai County, count on us for recurring landscape needs such as shrub trimming, winterization of irrigation systems, and additional stone for your rock xeriscape. ZebraScapes Landscaping & Services is your best option for all of your landscape planning needs. Specializing in planting of trees, shrubs, and low-water plants, ZebraScapes can provide long lasting, low maintenance solutions to any lot or acreage in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey. Irrigation systems are key to any successful Arizona landscape. Ask us for a free replacement or upgrade estimate on a custom system for your home or business. We will tailor your landscape maintenance to your schedule. Whether you need maintenance completed on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly schedule.

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Northern Arizona has many insects and diseases that damage our trees and shrubs. With proper care, ZebraScapes can treat, and protect your landscape, saving you many landscape dollars down the road. We also apply pre-emergent spray to your landscape and prevent weeds from growing, once again saving you time and money. Contact ZebraScapes today to begin keeping your landscape weed free throughout the growing season.

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When installing custom irrigation, often owners will ask us about lighting systems. We also install top quality lighting system, and like our irrigation system, each is fully automatic. Lighting systems are one of the most dramatic methods of making an architectural statement with your home or business. Let ZebraScapes Landscaping & Services give you a free, no obligation quote for a lighting system today. We understand in today’s economy, completing jobs in time and under budget is critical. To address this, we have begun to stretch out your budget planning by taking your project into seasonal phases. We prefer to add plantings in the fall, pruning in the winter, and install irrigation in the spring with lighting and regular maintenance in the summer.

Our mission is to treat every customer with respect and with honesty, and provide a fair price with superior products and installation and deliver exceptional customer service.

For the quality service that you would expect from your local family owned and operated company, call ZebraScapes (928) 830-4061.

We are registered with the State of Arizona, ROC#270393, and are Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

ZebraScapes is proud to be recognized with the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the past 3 years.

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Daily Note:

2/5/18 Installed pavers and DG off of Prescott Ridge Rd.
2/7/18 Yard clean up off of Harmony Rd.
2/9/18 Yard clean up off of Grazer Ln.
2/12/18 Spray pre-emergent off of Creekside Circle
2/14/18 Repaired irrigation system off of Loma Rica Circle
2/15/18 Yard clean up off of Brenda Rd.
2/16 Installed turf off of Adobe Way
2/20/18 Spray pre-emergent off of Las Florez Ave.
2/22/18 Installed irrigation lines off of Stazenski Rd.
2/26/18 Installed pavers off of Stazenski Rd.
2/28/18 Snow removal off of Union St.
3/2/18 Yard clean up off of Stoney Ridge Circle

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